About Us

A home is more than just four walls; it's a sanctuary for dreams, a heaven where happiness thrives and emotions find solace. At Realbuild, a division of SRMB, India's most trusted name in construction, we understand this profound significance. We believe in crafting homes with unwavering dedication, mirroring the trust and loyalty SRMB has cultivated over generations by providing unparalleled quality. This legacy of excellence is deeply rooted in our expertise and dedication to manufacturing best-in-class TMT bars.

Recognizing the desire for a comprehensive solution, Realbuild emerged as the ultimate guide to building dream homes. We offer a curated selection of superior building materials under one roof—from TMT bars and steel for grills to cement, paints, and electrical solutions. At Realbuild, customers are met with genuine products, personalized consultations, and access to a network of esteemed architects, estimation specialists, and vastu consultants. Our stores, strategically located throughout West Bengal, are ready to welcome you. Pinnacle KPO Solution Pvt. Ltd realized the need of an eCommerce portal for heavy duty construction, manufacturing industry and has taken up the initiative to do so for SRMB. Pinnacle KPO Solution Pvt. Ltd have integrated the backend IT systems of SRMB Steel and built an automated ordering, logistics system for SRMB's materials.

Begin your journey towards building your dream home with Realbuild owned by Pinnacle KPO Solution Pvt. Ltd. Let us shoulder the responsibility, while you focus on crafting a future filled with joy and cherished memories.